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Want more highly-qualified clients and customers?
We help businesses increase sales with online advertising and digital marketing.

102 Leads in 14 Days
for Personal Injury Attorney

PI Attorney Leads

147 Leads for Mortgage Loan Officer
in Less Than 60 Days

170 Yoga Class Leads in 2 Weeks

Our Facebook ad campaign generated more than 170 leads and nearly $14,000 in additional new revenue in just two weeks for a local family-owned yoga studio.

Facebook is one of the most affordable and effective advertising channels available to small businesses today.

There are more than 174 million active Facebook and Instagram users in the United States alone, and you can target your ads to reach the most relevant segment of this population — at a fraction of what it typically costs to advertise in your local newspaper, magazine, billboards, radio or Google.

In fact, there are 27 million Facebook users ages 18 – 65+ with an interest in yoga who live in the United States — and we can target ads to any segment of this audience that lives within easy driving distance of your studio.

Family Mediator Success Story

Lucy Nichols, a Certified Family Mediator based in Oakton, Virginia, says she was “failing at marketing” until she hired Herbst Marketing to help her reach and attract her ideal clientele online.

“I had hired somebody to do a website, but I didn’t realize that my website was not visible to anyone. I just figured the phone would start ringing!” Lucy says.

“I had work coming in from cases referred to me by the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, but nothing coming in from my own marketing,” Lucy says.

“When the pandemic hit and my court referrals started to dry up, I realized I needed to do something to keep my business alive, so I did something that was counterintuitive — I pulled money out of my savings and hired Yvonne. Best decision ever!”

“What I had not made time to do was marketing. I am not a self promoter. I don’t like to talk about myself. I don’t like marketing! But reaching the public and the people you want to work with is an essential piece. It needs to be built into your budget. And when I made that investment, I got more than I hoped for.”

We Make Marketing Simple

Have you spent hard-earned time and money on marketing (or marketing companies) only to be disappointed in the results?

You have a business to run and you need to make your marketing investments pay off.

The #1 reason marketing fails is simply because the wrong strategy is being used at the wrong time.

We keep marketing simple.

And it all starts with 1 question…

Do you need customers NOW or LATER?

Customers NOW & Customers LATER Marketing

Successful businesses use short-term and long-term marketing to make money, survive, grow, and profit.

Short-term marketing generates leads quickly so you can make sales and get consistent cash flow to cover expenses and invest back in your business.

Long-term marketing provides a system to give you fresh leads and prospects at lower costs to maximize profits and business growth.

We’ll match you with the best marketing solutions to get you leads, clients, and customers when you need them

Facebook Advertising

Customers Now

We don’t waste your money on getting ‘Likes’ and ‘Fans’. A ‘Like’ won’t pay your bills!

No. Our Facebook Advertising is designed to bring you real leads and actual paying clients and customers today. We track your Facebook advertising results to tie every lead and sale to marketing dollars spent so you see exactly what your marketing dollars are doing. On multiple occasions we’ve generated leads for clients in the first 24 hours of a campaign.

Customers Now


Google Ads targeted to people actually searching for the kinds of products and services you offer are one of the most effective marketing strategies … when done correctly.

We identify your ideal clients / customers, then configure your Google Ads to precisely reach those people searching for your products or services who are who are most likely to turn into a client or customer. You can start getting calls and inquiries within 24 hours from the time we launch your advertising campaign.

Customers Now

Keep in Touch Email Campaign
$108,471.80 Increase In Sales
Year Over Year
206.43% Increase

Organic Traffic / SEO

Customers Later


Organic traffic from search engines will generate inquiries and get your phone ringing. However, it takes more time and effort to start seeing results from search engine optimization (SEO). While we have significantly increased website visitors in as little as 90 days by optimizing website content and social signals, if you need customers NOW, we recommend waiting until your business is generating consistent leads and sales through other channels before investing in SEO.

Businesses We Help

Beauty Salons
Building Contractors
Cleaning Services
Dentists / Invisalign / Oral Surgeons
Dog Grooming
Eye Doctors
Health and Fitness Companies
Holistic Physicians
Home Remodeling
Landscaping Services
Lawn Care Services
Med Spas
Pet Care
Physical Therapy
Real Estate
Tree Care / Tree Removal
Windows / Doors
Yoga Studios

Any business seeking more leads, more customers and more sales!

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving discipline. Click the button below to arrange a time to speak with us personally. We’ll answer your questions and show you what’s working best now in your industry to generate bankable leads and highly qualified customers and clients.