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Was your website designed with sales in mind?

Is it doing a good job of marketing your business even while you sleep?

This checklist will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current website and marketing processes.

It can be useful for discussing website development with a website designer and/or marketing strategies with a marketing consultant:

  • Is your website set up to follow up with prospects right away?
  • Does your website pre-sell prospects by educating them about the true value of the products and services you offer?
  • Does your website clearly show how you are unique and better than other businesses in the area?
  • Are you following up with clients who have already bought from you, on a regular and systematic schedule, to cultivate and strengthen loyal  customer relationships that will last a lifetime?
  • Are you capturing the email addresses, phone numbers, cell phone numbers and mailing addresses of everyone who walks into your business?
  • Are you turning your prospects into clients by following up with everyone who walks into your business using a series of emails filled with useful educational content?
  • Are you capturing the contact details of highly targeted prospects who visit your website?
  • Are you offering a valuable report that gives useful information but also presells your prospects on buying from you?
  • Are you immediately offering a product to anyone who opts in for your email newsletter or your free report online?  In other words are you making real sales immediately online from your most targeted prospects?

Want to put your sales and marketing system on autopilot,

so you can be making more sales and profits

even while you sleep?

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