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Are  you a printer who is looking for better ways to keep your business going and growing?

Then you’ll want to see how this printer wins more business with video marketing…

I met John Hayes, Printer in Waterford, Ireland through a small business marketing forum.

While many printers are hurting for business, John tells me he keeps extremely busy, “thanks to all this good marketing.”

“Here’s the trick,” John says.  “If I was depending on being ‘found’ on the (City Local Business Directory) site it would be a waste of time.  I email the (business directory) link to clients and prospects and that brings in business.”

“I’ve discovered you need to be proactive. . . .  I’m changing my focus completely from being a printer you call up to get a quote from to being a printer that is ‘marketing’ specific promotional ideas with which I have control over.
“Waiting for quotes is no longer any good. Printing is just a commodity. Gotta re-invent it..”

Thanks for the great advice, John!

If John’s philosophy appeals to you . . .  if you are ready to leverage the internet for your advantage . . .

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