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Small and medium sized businesses today need intelligent internet marketing strategies more than ever to generate new customers and prospects.

But knowing where to start can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Many small business owners are led to believe that they must spend heavily on Google Pay Per Click advertising to generate more business. But Pay Per Click costs can add up quickly, and yield disappointing results.

Sales Funnels Generate More Qualified Leads

A more effective approach is to create “sales funnels” that:

  1. help your best prospects find you quickly online, and
  2. persuade prospects to contact you right away to redeem a special offer or request more information.

Keyword Research + Calls to Action = New Leads

Investing in keyword research is the first key step in any successful online marketing strategy.

The next step is to implement a clear call-to-action on your website that leads your prospect to call now, or complete an online form to receive an immediate incentive offer or more information.

Your Most Important Job

Remember, the people who visit your website already have an interest in your product or service.  Once they are there,  your job is to communicate your credibility and value proposition, simply and convincingly.

Your “most wanted action” needs to be identifiable within five seconds or your website visitor will move on, and a potentially profitable lead will be lost.  This is where most small business websites and internet marketing strategies fail.

Want more suggestions about how your business can generate more leads and more sales in today’s wired world?

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