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Do you know about FaceBook Deals and how it can help increase sales and word-of-mouth advertising for your local business?  If you don’t, here’s the scoop.

FaceBook Deals is a recently-released enhancement to FaceBook Places pages.  It is a free online marketing tool that allows business owners to create and promote special deals for customers who check into their business  using their mobile phones.

Businesses have been able to set up their own Facebook Places page for a while now.  However, Facebook Places didn’t give people much incentive to bother checking in to your local business.

FaceBook Deals fixes that.

Once you add your FaceBook Deals to your FaceBook Places page, your customers can earn valuable discounts or freebies just by checking into your business.  You decide on an offer that you think will attract your customers and be profitable for you at the same time.  You decide the terms and restrictions for your offer, and you can change your offer at any time.

When your customers check-in to your business through your FaceBook Places page, not only do they get a money-saving benefit themselves — you benefit as well because they are providing word-of-mouth advertising for you to all their FaceBook friends and followers.

Since the average FaceBook user has 156 followers, you can see how claiming your FaceBook Places Page and offering a FaceBook deal can benefit your business.

The more FaceBook Deals you offer, the more you motivate people to check in to your business.  The more people that check into your business, the more viral word-of-mouth advertising you get.

And that is a Great Deal for local business owners!

If you are FaceBook savvy, you can set this up yourself for free.  If you need help setting up your FaceBook Places page, contact us for assistance.

Just call 540-729-4076. Or send us an email through the contact us form on this website.