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Herbst Marketing often uses the Small Biz WordPress Theme to build affordable, professional-looking websites for many small businesses in Northern Virginia. We have just completed a small business website makeover for a Warrenton, Virginia life coach, using the Small Biz WordPress Theme.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Warrenton VA Website Makeover: Before and After

Girls Stand Strong original website

Girls Stand Strong: Original Website
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Michelle Kelley is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) practicing in the Warrenton / Fauquier, Virginia area. Her business, Girls Stand Strong, offers individual counseling and group life coaching classes for pre-teen and teenage girls.

Like many new business owners with limited start-up funds, Michelle built her first website herself. But she soon wanted a website that looked more professional and worked more effectively as a sales and marketing tool.

Why Michelle Chose Herbst Marketing to Design the Girls Stand Strong Website

Michelle hired Herbst Marketing because we were recommended by other Warrenton, Virginia business owners and because she liked the website we designed and developed for Marianne Clyde, LMFT, a local marriage and family therapist.

Why We Chose the Small Biz WordPress Theme for Michelle’s Website

Small Biz WordPress Theme Review: Herbst Marketing Warrenton VA

New Website: Girls Stand Strong, Warrenton VA

We chose to use the Small Biz WordPress Theme for the Girls Stand Strong website for the following reasons:

  • The Small Biz Theme is Simple and Easy to Use
  • The Small Biz Theme comes with eleven pre-designed templates that work well for a wide variety of local businesses.

  • The Small Biz Theme is Easy to Customize
  • The Small Biz Theme and can be modified easily with custom headers, custom fonts and font colors, custom page backgrounds and custom layouts to suit clients’ design preferences and business needs.

  • The Small Biz Theme is Easy to Optimize
  • The Small Biz Theme comes with built-in search engine optimization features, which makes it easy to get your client websites ranking on page one for important keywords and keyword phrases quickly and easily.

  • The Small Biz Theme Helps Us Stay Competitive
  • The Small Biz Theme’s built-in features and functions reduces the time it takes us to do custom coding and website development, so we can keep our website development prices affordable and competitive for small business owners.

  • The Small Business Theme Enables Rapid Development
  • We were able to create a good-looking professionally-designed website for Michelle in less than a week, once she provided us with all the content and images she wanted to use on the website.

  • Websites Built on the Small Biz Theme Are Easy to Edit, Update and Maintain
  • Michelle wanted a website she could update easily herself. Since the Small Biz Theme is built on WordPress content management platform, it will be intuitively easy for Michelle to edit and manage her new website herself. Michelle’s website dashboard also comes with built-in Small Biz Theme tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions that will help her manage and edit her website herself.

  • The Small Biz Theme is Mobile-Enabled
  • The Small Biz Theme has a built-in mobile website builder too. That means you can set up any small business website to show a streamlined mobile-version of the website automatically when people search for your business using their Android, Blackberry, Iphone or other smart mobile device.

Small Business WordPress theme

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