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Herbst Marketing, a WordPress website development company serving small businesses throughout Northern Virginia, has just completed work on its latest client website:

Listening Loop Technologies, Inc., is a division of Fauquier Hearing Services, Inc., which has provided hearing testing and hearing aid services to clients throughout Northern Virginia since 1999.

Wordpress Website Design by Herbst Marketing, Warrenton, Virginia

Listening Loops are systems that can be installed in the home and in public spaces that eliminate background noise and dramatically enhance the hearing and listening experience for hearing-impaired individuals who are wearing t-coil equipped hearing aids.

Listening Loop Technologies recently donated a listening loop system to the Fauquier Community Theatre after one of their hearing-impaired clients said they had stopped attending the theatre because they could no longer hear or enjoy the Theatre productions.

A recent New York Times article describes how a hearing loop system installed in the Kennedy Center has dramatically improved the listening experience for hearing-impaired members of the audience. And, a recent article in the Washington Post further explains the benefits of hearing loops in public spaces.

Diane Markva, Au.D., owner of Listening Loop Technologies, Inc., wanted a website that looked professional and would be easy for her in-house staff to update and maintain. She chose Herbst Marketing to develop her website based on recommendations from other Herbst Marketing website clients in Warrenton, Virginia.

“The website looks awesome! Thanks for all of your hard work! It has paid off in a site worth bragging about,” said Dr. Markva.

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