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Jaeger2 LLC logoHerbst Marketing recently had the honor of collaborating with Shari Jaeger Goodwin in redesigning Shari’s website.

Shari is a business strategist and author who has been recognized as a “Woman on the Move” by the Washington Business Journal and is developing a national reputation for helping small business owners develop and lead profitable businesses that they love. Shari’s innovative equine-assisted coaching workshops help participants access and hone latent emotional intelligence and communication skills by interacting with Shari’s horses at her Marshall, Virginia Cobbler Corner Farm estate.

Recognizing the importance of having a web presence for her company, Shari built her original website using a do-it-yourself website builder. (See below.) Original Website - Shari Jaeger Goodwin business strategist business coach Virginia

As her business and professional reputation grew, Shari retained Herbst Marketing to create a more polished and professional web presence. Shari’s new website is built on the WordPress content management platform, which will enable Shari to edit and update her website herself. Website Makeover

What Makes the New Jaeger2 Website More Effective?

Compared to Shari’s original website, the new website helps website visitors find Shari’s most important professional information quickly and easily, and provides two avenues for Shari to bring website visitors into her “sales funnel.”

  1. Shari’s picture and her logo are prominently displayed in the website header, to cultivate immediate viewer recognition of Shari and her brand.
  2. Shari’s 2013 Woman of the Year award is showcased above the fold on the home page, providing social proof of Shari’s stature in the business coaching and leadership training community. Links to Shari’s social media profiles — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn — are also featured in a prominent location next to Shari’s Woman of the Year banner, making it fast and easy for website visitors to learn more about Shari through her social media accounts.
  3. Shari’s home page also features a video welcome message inviting website visitors to sign up for her free report, How to Make More MONEY in Business. The Free Report offer will help Shari grow her email list, which will enable her to follow up regularly with her email newsletter subscribers and cultivate professional relationships that will help her grow her business. The welcome video will also enable potential clients to get a feel for Shari’s personality and decide for themselves if they would like to work with her.
  4. Four rotating images to the right of Shari’s welcome video highlight the measurable and compelling benefits that Shari’s clients have enjoyed as a direct result of Shari’s business coaching services. These benefits include: (1) Accepting a dream CEO job, (2) Doubling business revenue, and (3) Developing a powerful new brand, and (4) Having the best financial year ever.
  5. Shari’s forthcoming new book is also highlighted on the home page. The book image will link directly to the book sales page when the book is published and available for purchase.
  6. Another form to the right of the book image invites website visitors to request a business strategy session. People who complete the form will be brought into Shari’s “sales funnel,” where she will be able to follow up and cultivate trusting relationships with potential clients.

Do You Want a More Professional and Effective Web Presence?

Are you a business owner seeking a more professional and polished web presence?

Do you want to leverage online communications and social media to attract more business and more revenue?

Contact Herbst Marketing today to request a free 30-minute website or internet marketing consultation. Together, we will explore where you are now, where you want to go, and how we can help you get there.

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