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Would you like to have more money flowing into your business effortlessly?

Most small business websites were not designed with sales in mind. Typically, they share three common errors that are blocking money flow into the business.

But with a few simple tweaks, you can transform your underperforming website into a powerful round-the-clock sales force and profit center that will get more money flowing into your business with less work and effort.

Here’s how:

1) Put an attention grabbing headline at the top of your web page.

An attention grabbing headline is one that triggers strong emotions and desire by speaking to your ideal customer’s pain points and promising a solution that they want and need.

2) Make a compelling offer with a clear call to action.

A compelling offer is something that you give to your website visitor as an incentive to enter their name and email address and join your marketing list so that you can continue to communicate with them, build rapport, establish value and convert them into an actual sale.

3) Show your website visitor how to claim your compelling offer.

  • A form where the visitor enters their name and email address
  • A phone number to call
  • A buy now button

are all examples of how to get your website visitor to take an action that will get them onto your marketing list so that you can continue communicating with your prospect to win their their interest, their trust, and eventually a sale.

Case Example: Facebook

Facebook is a perfect example of this strategy in action. When you are logged out of your Facebook account, this is what you see:
facebook landing page

As you can see above, Facebook employs all three essential elements in its home page design.

  • The attention-grabbing headline is “Connect and share with the people in your life.
  • The compelling offer is: Create an account: It’s free and always will be.
  • The way to claim the offer is clear: Fill out the form provided, then click the green button at the bottom of the form that reads “Create an Account.”

You can’t do anything on Facebook until you have created an account. This is how Facebook brings in more than a BILLION users and growing.

The same approach can be adapted and implemented for your business, too.

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