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Blogging for BusinessEvery year, my business blog brings in thousands of dollars in extra business from people who are searching online for someone with my skill sets. Blogging has profited me … and I believe it can profit you too.

Every website I develop for a local business comes with built-in blog functionality, so that my clients can keep their website updated regularly with fresh, useful and engaging blog content that will attract more ideal prospects and perfect customers for their products and services.

If you are not blogging about your business, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to grow your business with a small amount of effort. The time you invest in developing blog content will reward you for years to come, when people searching online for people like you are pre-sold on your products or services after reading your blog.

The best thing about blogging is that it is evergreen content that continues working for you for years after you publish it.

How Can Blogging Benefit Your Business?

As you can see from the reviewer’s comments below, blogging can pay off big time. My kitchen design client’s blog attracts high-end clients who are seeking expert help with their kitchen remodeling.

blogging benefits business example

This client won a $50,000 project as a direct result of her blog

This Houzz review is proof that a well-written, entertaining and informative blog will help your business gain:

  1. A stronger online presence
  2. Greater visibility
  3. More inbound leads
  4. Higher conversion rates for potential clients who find you via online search
  5. Higher perceived authority and credibility for yourself and your company

Make Your Blog Visually Engaging

If you provide a visual service, like interior design, home building, hair styling, fashion or makeup items, etc., you should make search engine optimized pictures a central feature of every blog article as well.

The top reasons most business owners don’t blog — even though they understand and recognize the benefits of blogging — is that:

  1. They don’t know how to generate good blog content ideas,
  2. They don’t like to write,
  3. They don’t have good writing skills,
  4. They have a hard time finding good pictures to illustrate their blog,
  5. They don’t have time (or won’t make the time) to blog.

Certainly, it can be a daunting task to come up with the copy and content needed for a lead-generating blog.

search engine optimization benefitsYour blog content has a direct impact on your online visibility, your social media visibility, and your search engine optimization (SEO).

Quality, well-researched, fresh content is key to the success of your blog. The absence of a blog that is integrated into your website will have a direct negative impact on your busienss’s bottom line.

In fact, statistics show that companies that blog regularly receive more links back to their websites and a dramatic increase in the number and quality of inbound leads.

While blogging is technically “free,” it requires an investment of time and expertise to create a successful blog. If you do not want to write and maintain your blog yourself, you can outsource the task to an experienced content creator and blog writer.

Herbst Marketing specializes in creating and publishing quality blog content for business owners who are serious about gaining online visibility and leveraging the power of the internet to generate quality leads for their business.

Need Help With Your Blog? Contact Us Today

We develop blog content that is original, well-written and carefully researched. We are experienced at working with clients who don’t like to write and don’t want to write.

We write blog content that is timely, useful, interesting, engaging and search engine optimized to improve your online visibility and online reach.

If you are ready to get a well-written blog and website copy that accurately reflects your business, contact us today.

Your business must have a blog to thrive and to grow, so why not make sure that it is the best that it can be?