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DIY home improvement failure

DIY home improvement gone wrong …

I laughed when my friend posted this photo on her Facebook page of a DIY home improvement project that failed.

It reminded me of the time my husband thought he’d save us a few hundred dollars by replacing a leaking pipe under our kitchen sink himself.

Next thing we knew, the pipe had burst, spewing a geyser of water into our kitchen. It’s lucky we knew how to shut off the main water line to our home until the plumber arrived … otherwise, our home would have been destroyed in just a few hours.

Common DIY Website Mistakes That Hurt Your Business and Cost You Customers

Small business owners who try to save money by creating their own websites and doing their own online marketing aren’t doing themselves any favors, either. Here are just a few things that typically go wrong with DIY websites and online marketing:

Your website looks unprofessional and unappealing, thereby driving potential customers to your competitors.

DIY Website Example

DIY Website Example.  Note misspellings and outdated copyright date.


Your website isn’t mobile friendly. It’s hard to read and navigate from a mobile phone.

You can see for yourself if your website meets Google’s 2015 standards for mobile friendly design by going to this web page:

Google Mobile Friendly Test Page

Google Mobile Test Failure


You Aren’t Managing Your Online Reputation. Bad Reviews Are Costing You Customers

bad reputation management

Negative online reviews are bad for business. Pay attention to what your customers are saying about you online.


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