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Have you figured out how to use Facebook yet to get customers and create sales on demand?

If your Facebook activity is limited to posting status updates and boosting posts, you are not leveraging the full power of Facebook for your business.

If you would like to learn a proven ninja technique to create more money on demand, read on.

First You Need to Capture Leads

First, we need to talk about the art and importance of capturing “leads.” A lead is a person who has given your business permission to contact them. The ability to generate leads on demand is one key to your business success.

When people willingly give you their name, email address and/or phone number in order to get something you are offering, they are sending you a clear signal that they WANT to do business with you. These are the people who are your best prospects (apart from your existing customers).

Example of a Facebook Lead Generating Ad

Example of a Facebook Lead Ad

The lead ad pictured above shows how easy it can be to motivate people to give you their name, email and/or phone number with an appealing and irresistible offer. Once you’ve captured this information in your own customer database, you can slash your marketing costs and increase sales substantially simply by e-mailing, texting, and sending direct mail to the people on your list.

If you have just 500 to 1,000 people on your customer list, you can usually get somewhere between 2-5% to take you up on an offer (assuming you have an appealing offer that you are sending out to your audience.)

Did you know that you can also upload your customer list into Facebook and send messages directly to your best customers and prospects in their Facebook news feeds?

This form of advertising can yield a large return on a small advertising investment, because you are directing your message exclusively to the people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services.

Facebook Lead Ads: The Savvy Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

One of the biggest problems business owners face is getting the correct e-mail address from their customers. Facebook’s latest advertising innovation — Lead Ads —removes this obstacle.

Facebook Lead Ads let you send appealing messages and offers to your ideal audience of Facebook users. When they click your ad, a new screen pops up with their first name, last name, and e-mail address automatically entered into a form. You can configure the form to request their phone number as well.

When the Facebook user clicks the submit button on the Facebook Lead Ad form, their correct email address is automatically sent to you.

Facebook gives you the option to get more information as well, such as gender, age, phone number, occupation, and more! However, we recommend that you limit the information you request to no more than 2-3 form fields, especially for mobile users. This increases the chances that people will complete the form and you will capture their information.

How To Create Money on Demand Using Facebook Lead Ads

When people sign up to receive something you have advertised through a lead ad (i.e., a free lunch or dinner, a free trial service, a free video, a free report, etc.) you can set things up so that customer’s name and email address is automatically entered into your own database.

As people are added, they are automatically emailed (or texted) a follow-up message with the information they requested (coupon, instructions for receiving a free trial, free video, free report, etc.) and one or more time-limited additional offers. You can set your additional offers to be valid for one day only or a very limited time to encourage a prompt buying action.

Your system can be setup to send a follow up thank you message, offers, news and invitations on a predetermined schedule. By maintaining a regular stream of follow-up messages, you will keep your brand top of mind and generate more repeat and more referral business from your customer list.

This marketing system will easily set you apart from similar businesses in your local marketplace because very few owners implement disciplined and personalized systems like this.

What Kind of Return Can I Get From Lead Ads?

It’s not unusual for a $150 ad campaign to generate new leads for $2.00 or less per lead. When was the last time you spent $500 on a newspaper or magazine ad and saw 250 leads come in?

Now not every lead will turn into a buyer right away .. but if just 20% (50) of those 250 leads bought $20 worth of stuff from you, you will have generated an extra $1,000 from a single email offer.

While traditional media have their place, it’s not unusual for businesses to spend $60-$100 or more to acquire a new customer using newspaper, magazine, TV or radio ads.

Follow Up To Maximize Sales

Since we all live busy lives, a good percentage of people who requested your coupon or offer won’t come in to redeem it before it expires. That’s not a problem. What’s important is that you now have the capability to continue marketing to this group of people as long as they give you permission (by remaining on your email list.)

That means that you can continue sending out messages, offers and promotions to your customer list for many months to come – and the more offers you send out, the more business will flow back to you.

Successful owners are leveraging the power of Facebook to reach and attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back more often.

It’s a great way to make the most of your marketing dollars and get a rewarding return on your advertising investment.