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Jill Kamp Melton, Communications Consultant, Strategies for Living Unlimited

Jill Kamp Melton

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jill Kamp Melton to update her existing website. Jill is an expert communications consultant and owner of Strategies for Living Unlimited. I asked Jill to share why she chose me to do the work she needed on her website, and how her business has benefited from working together with me.

Jill: I chose you because my good friend, Marianne Clyde, who is a therapist and an author, recommended you and I trust her and I’ve seen what has happened with her website as it has grown and changed and become very dynamic and I like personal referrals so that’s why I chose you.

The Power of the ZipMy books are The Power of the Zip, and The Power of the Zip in a Heavenly Light. One is secular, one is biblical, and they both have workbooks attached to them. I just wanted people to be able to order my books easily. So now when people go to my website, my books are featured on the front page and all people have to do to order is click on my book images on my website and it takes them directly to where they can order my books. I actually get an additional little bit of money if they order directly through my website, which I didn’t know before.

Yvonne: So are you finding your website easier to work with on your own now if you want to blog on it?

Jill: Yes, you showed me how to add additional information whenever I do blog so that people can find my blog articles online using keywords and how to post my blogs to LinkedIn and my Facebook page and my Twitter account. It took awhile for me to get that routine down, but now I have a routine and I like that process very much.

Yvonne: I think that many website owners don’t understand that social media links play a big part in driving visitors and traffic back to your website to learn more about you. So do you think that has helped you raise more awareness and get more visibility for your book?

Jill: I think it has. I am not an aggressive marketer and I really like my website just to give me the credibility that it is worthy of attention for the books and for the blog and to see all the other things I can do and the workshops that I teach. I very much like how you had that vision for me. You didn’t try to make me do something that youwanted; you were very sensitive to what I was all about, and that is really, when you hire somebody to work with you, you want that person to understand what you want, and you got it!

Yvonne: Thank you! So, since one of the goals of your website is to let people know about your workshops and the trainings that you offer, can you tell us more about what you do?

Jill: I offer secular and faith-based workshops and I also offer follow-up coaching of the leaders. Now, starting the beginning of September, I’m really hoping that people will go to my website, see how I think, see what I do, read what other people have given me as feedback, and then want to talk to me and have me customize workshops for them.

My ideal clients and projects are Federal and State Government agencies, and working on organization development and team building and every manner of communication. I am certified in something called Crucial Confrontations and Crucial Accountability.

I also work with nonprofits and profit-making organizations, small businesses to large operations. No matter who the client is, there is always a personal benefit, because everybody can improve in communicating with their close friends and family … including me!

People make assumptions about other people. We hear their words and we think we know what they mean and in our heads we write fabulous scripts about what that person means, which is, almost all the time, as far away from the truth as possible. So I help my clients to recognize the assumptions we make and the ugly stories we tell ourselves about other people. That is the biggest barrier to other people being heard. People want to be heard, and when they are really heard, it validates them. We can probably count on a half a finger how many people really hear us when we speak, the way that we intend to be heard.

So all the techniques I have help people recognize that, assess it, fix it, and redo it.

Yvonne: I think that listening to people is one of the best ways you can put love into practice as well and really show them you love them.

Jill: Absolutely. I have a concept called taking in. It’s an acting technique where you listen not only with your ears, but with your heart and your mind and your eyes and your whole being and you listen to what people don’t say as well as what they do say. You even listen to the quality of their voice to see what that tells you about them. When we really pay attention to that, other people feel loved and accepted as they have never felt loved before.

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