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Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingDid you know that people today are more likely to learn about your products and services through social media channels than any other advertising or promotional medium?

Social media allow you to gain greater visibility for your products and services by posting your messages round-the-clock and building lasting relationships with people who have a genuine interest in your company’s products and services.

A well-structured social media management campaign leverages the power of the internet to make your business and your brand recognized and visible online. Companies that utilize social media marketing typically experience a much higher conversion rate and return on their advertising investment than companies that do not use social media.

That’s why a growing number of businesses rely completely on social media to promote and advertise their products and services.

blogging benefits business example

This client won a $50,000 project as a direct result of her blog

Virtually every person today carries a cell phone with them at all times for instant access to social media, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Billions of people (not millions – billions) log on to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms each and every day.

Unfortunately, effective social media management is not a simple matter of sending out an occasional tweet or Facebook post. Successful social media campaigns require a plan of action. You need to know which audience you are wanting to reach, what motivates that audience to buy, and what social media platforms your target audience is using.

The timing and content of your social media posts will make or break the success of your social media marketing campaigns. You need to know what to post, when to tweet, what to say, proper image sizes for each social media platform, and the best times to post your content.

Reputation Management

Reputation management includes monitoring and engaging with potential clients, customers and people who simply want to follow what you have to say.

social media marketing yields results

Social Media Marketing Creates Measurable Results

As you can see from the illustration above, an investment in creating and maintaining a robust online presence will help you attract the perfect clients and help your bottom line — but managing an effective social media campaign also requires time, attention and effort to pay off.

Herbst Marketing offers a range of social media marketing and management services to fit your budget. Whether you just need some initial guidance and an action plan created that you will implement yourself, or a Total Social Media Management Package with a complete done-for-you social media management service that includes reputation management, we can help.

We will love your business like it’s our own and manage your social media presence to help you expand your online visibility and attract more perfect and profitable customers. Every social media campaign is customized to your unique needs and priced accordingly.

Contact us today to schedule an initial conversation about your vision and your goals