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Video Portfolio: Georjeans Dog Grooming

Herbst Marketing created a series of videos for Georjeans Dog Grooming to provide an overview of their dog grooming services, and educate dog owners about Georjeans’ dog grooming expertise.

Georjeans Dog Grooming is the only dog grooming salon we know of in the Fauquier County area to make web video part of their internet marketing strategy. These videos have helped Georjeans maintain their Google Page 1 ranking for years.

Video concept, scripting, filming, editing, graphics and post-production by Erin Herbst.

Welcome Video

Self Service Dog Grooming Demonstration Video

Georjeans is the only self-service dog bath in the Warrenton/Fauquier region, which is one of Georjeans distinguishing features in the local dog grooming marketplace. Here, Georjeans Dog Grooming owner Leslie Shriner demonstrates the proper way to bathe your dog at Georjeans.

Dog Grooming Tutorial:
How to Groom a Long-Haired Long-Faced Dog

Another educational video that clearly demonstrates Leslie Shriner’s dog grooming expertise to potential customers.

Testimonial Video: Professional Actor

In this video, a professional spokesman showcases one of Georjeans’ positive customer reviews.