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Revenue-Generating Mobile-Friendly Optimized Websites

We work with small business owners who want to generate more high quality leads and more sales via the internet.

Is your website designed with sales in mind?

A small business website should be designed to drive more leads to your business, so you can increase sales and profits.

If you want a website that gets found by your ideal customers, and pre-sells them on your products and services, we can help you.

Here is what one of our clients has said about the results she experienced just a few short months after launching her new website:

Expert Kitchen Designs Logo

I just wanted to let you know that I’m on my way back from meeting (a prospective client) on Capitol Hill. What a lovely couple! They are exactly the type of client that I like to work with. She said that the way she found me was through the website you designed for me. She typed in “Expert Kitchen Designs” and my website came up first and she said when she saw the website it looked very personable. She didn’t want a mass company to (design her kitchen). She wanted a personal one-to-one (kitchen designer). You deserve the credit for that. The website you designed for me attracted the right client for me and it helped her find the right person for her (kitchen remodeling) job. It definitely “happened” for me today because the clients that found me knew who I “was” before I walked in the door! Almost like, “We already know we want you to do the job!” XO

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs, LLC

Is Your Website Designed to Succeed?

Successful websites share some key features and characteristics:

  • The business name and phone number are prominently displayed at the top of each website page.
  • An amazing number of small business websites hide the phone number and make it hard to find. If you want more customers, make it easy for them to call you!

  • Mobile-friendly mobile-optimized design.
  • Most people today will use their smartphones to find your business online. Can they navigate your website pages easily from a phone? Can they read the text easily? Can they click to call or email you? If your website is not mobile-friendly, we can help! We have website solutions for every budget.

  • Lead-Capture Mechanism
  • Your single most valuable asset as a business owner is your list of customers and interested prospects. How are you building this list?

    Your website can (and should) help you build this valuable asset. It should have a built-in lead-capture form with an incentive offer for those who provide their name and email address. Depending on the nature of your business, successful lead-generating incentive offers include: free samples, free birthday meal, a one-time discount, a free consultation, an educational report or video. We can help you brainstorm and test lead-generating offers for your business, and set up the lead capture forms that will help you grow your business.

  • Authoritative Positioning
  • Your website can position your business at the top of your local marketplace if it is designed and maintained properly. Authority positioning is an ongoing process that does not happen overnight or even in a matter of weeks.

    Just as you must eat nutritious food daily to keep your body in peak operating condition, so too must your website be fed and maintained with a nourishing diet of optimized content that engages your readers and attracts more of your ideal customers.

    If you are focusing your time and energy on running your own business, chances are that you simply do not have the time, the desire or the know-how to manage your own website effectively in a way that will position yourself as a leading authority in your local marketplace. That’s where we can help.

    Our authority-building marketing services include:

    1. Website content development and optimization (on-site and off-site)
    2. Online reputation marketing and online reviews management
    3. Video production, video optimization and video marketing
    4. Google My Business page setup and management
    5. Online directory listings,
    6. Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media account setup and management,
    7. Portfolio pages (for artists, builders, designers)
    8. Paid online advertising (Facebook and Google AdWords

    If You Want a Website That Works, Don’t Build It Yourself

    If a builder handed you the tools to build a house (hammer, saw, nails and a house plan) … does that mean you have the skill and know-how to build your own house and have it pass inspection?

    Have you ever attempted to fix a plumbing problem in your home .. only to make it worse … and more expensive to fix?

    Your website is your business’ online home. Smart business owners don’t build their own websites or try to fix or maintain their websites themselves. They hire experts who know how to design websites that work — websites that attract high-quality leads, and turn those leads into sales and repeat sales.

    If You Are Disappointed and Frustrated with Your Current Website, We Can Help

    Many of our clients are small businesses whose first websites were built using Godaddy and other low-cost DIY website builders. If you are no longer satisfied with how your home-made website is representing your business, we can update it and give your business the professional appearance that will wow your customers and prospects and generate more high-quality leads and repeat business for you.

    Here at Herbst Marketing, we know how to:

    • get your business found online;
    • communicate your unique value quickly and engagingly to website visitors;
    • convert website visitors to warm leads and prospects;
    • set up and implement systems that will enable you to follow up with leads and develop a trusting relationship that will generate more sales and more profits for your business.

    When you work with us, you get:

    • website design expertise
    • copywriting expertise
    • local search engine optimization expertise
    • social media marketing expertise

    that will help your business grow, while saving you money, time and energy.

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    Let us drive real traffic to your website and help you attract more paying customers… just as we have succeeded doing for dozens of other small businesses like yours.